Text: Luke 11:1-36
God’s prayer is a model prayer and not a mere liturgy. The prayer is to the
point, simple and comprehensive (v.2-4). It makes six petitions: three are
pointed to God (v.1) and three are directed to human needs (v3-4 ). For God’s Will to be done means that every prayer should be willingly submitted to God’s glory, purposes and plans (v.2) . It is not an attitude of resigning one’s self to a condition not understood. God accomplishes His Will on earth mainly through the obedience of His children. We should offer ourselves to do God’s Will as we ask Him to direct, lead and give us the means to accomplish His purposes.
“Hallowed be your name” (v.1) does not mean that God’s creation may keep
His name holy, but for God Himself to keep it holy as Holy Judge and Saviour.
God’s Kingdom (v.1) refers God’s Spiritual Kingdom as was announced in the covenant with Abraham (Mat.8:11; Luk 13:28). This Kingdom is available in Christ and is established in a believer’s heart through Christ (Luke 17:21) and will finally be complete when all the evil will be defeated and a new heaven and earth be established by God (Rev. 21:1).
For the prayer phrase “daily bread”, the Greek word “daily” can diversely mean “daily”, “necessary”, “future” or “tomorrow’s” ;t hus, it is mainly to do with asking God for our physical needs. We ask God to “forgive us our sins” (v.4).

Our sins are our debts to God for we violate His laws every day. This is the main point of this prayer! Jesus addressed this main point in words that immediately
follow: “for we also forgive every one” (v. 4). “Do not lead us into temptations” (v.4) does not mean that God tempts us (James 1:13) but He can subject us to trials which will expose us to Satan’s attacks; for example, Job and Peter (Luk 22: 31-32). The prayer stresses the believer’s desire to avoid the calamities of sin. Remember that God cannot test us beyond what we can bear (1 Cor.10:13).

Meditate on verse 2. How are you going to apply it to your life?
Heavenly Father, Lord of heaven and earth, may Your name be glorified and revered in my family and in this country, and in Your Church militant on the earth.
In the name of Jesus Christ, I have prayed. Amen.