Text: Judges 6:33-40
Should Gideon have requested a sign from God? God already answered one
of Gideon’s requests (6:17-21); so Gideon knows that he has been called by
God; and he knows God is able to bring victory. But Gideon probably doubts
himself, because he knows he is not a “mighty man of valour” (v.12); so,
he makes these two requests. God graciously grants the requests so that
Gideon’s weakness will become strength, in the service of God.

Should we be asking for signs from God? We should not. Here are two
reasons: (i) we live after Jesus Christ, who has accomplished everything for
His people; and (ii) we live after the completion of Scripture. Everything
necessary for faith and life is in God’s revelation in Scripture and in Christ.
So, there lies your confidence. Whatever your concern is, read what God
says in the Bible, pray, talk to godly people, know that the Holy Spirit is
leading you, then act and fear not!

Meditate on verses 38 and 40. What is God teaching you in these verses?
Ever-loving Father, in the name of Jesus Christ, I thank You for answering
my prayers. Forgive me whenever I have doubted You and Your
faithfulness. Amen.