Text: Genesis 2:18-19
Why did God make this statement? Was He unaware that being alone was not good? Of course God knew. God knows because He is not alone. God is three Persons (yet one God), and in verse 18 One Person is speaking to the other Two.
God’s observation about aloneness is to bring the problem to our attention, for our understanding, so that we would know that human beings are not meant to be alone. The general principle is: life (particularly work) by one’s self is
insufficient, inadequate and incomplete. Inclusion and participation of others is expected, and it reflects something of the image of God.

Even though Jesus Christ never married, He was not alone. He lived in a family, in a community, closely with His disciples, and also He, the Father and the Holy Spirit are one. No one should be alone. Being alone is part of the curse. In our work, each person has a specific assignment / job to perform alone, but that job is still part of a bigger effort by many people. Even the person who has a small kiosk is part of something bigger – suppliers, transporters, buyers, etc.
As you work, be aware that you are working with others and that your work reflects something of the image of God. Being aware of this makes it easier for you to rejoice in God’s gift of work and to perform your work as worship.
Meditate on verse 18. What are you learning from this verse?
Father, the Lord of heaven and earth, in the name of Jesus Christ, I pray that spouses will be godly helpers for their husbands. Amen.