Every new day, the world wakes to an array of different stories gathered in newspaper, social media and all other medium of information. Different headlines covering lifestyle, business, politics, sports and even death (obituaries) are a common news feature in the dailies. Consequently, we not only read stories from newspapers but also listen and watch the same from radios and television sets respectively. All these stories told are geared to inform, provoke and also elicit an action from the hearers. Indeed, many stories have been told and will be told; some true and many others false and artificially crafted for selfish ends.

In our contemporary world, we are bombarded with different ideologies and lies that challenge our moral standing, our relations with others and our religious beliefs and convictions. Undoubtedly so, such ideologies have been packaged in stories that sway the emotions towards a stance aligned to the ideology being propagated. The scripture is thus proved right when it admonishes us not to be like infants tossed about by every wind of teaching crafted by clever men in their deceitful scheming (Ephesians 4:14). How then do we counter such schemes that have made inroads even in the Church? What can be done to solidify our faith and belief in Christ Jesus our Lord? And what should be done to reach out to others with our faith?

Throughout Scripture, we see a consistent characteristic of the Judeo- Christian culture, that is, they packaged the truth of God in simple stories. The whole Bible, and especially the Gospels and the Acts of the Apostles are books of stories. These stories were used as a means to relay how humanity ought to relate with God and with each other. The
Biblical culture is thus not different from our African culture which used and still does use stories, allegories, poems and songs to pass on a message from one generation to another. It is in telling stories that humanity finds solace from trouble, encouragement to persevere and hope for life. However, not every story told has such an effect. Only a story
of transformation, a story of love, a story of mercy, forgiveness and grace can inspire hope, perseverance and solace in humanity: the Story of Christ’s death and resurrection for the salvation of humanity.

The Apostle John understood the secret in sharing the Conversion Story. In all his writing he emphasizes on the power of testifying what God has done in us and for us. In Revelation 12:11 he clearly states that the believer’s victory on Earth is through the blood of Christ shed at Calvary, the believer’s testimony (Conversion Story) and one’s complete surrender to the will of God even to the point of death. This is a clear indication that there is power in sharing our testimonies. It is in the sharing that our faith in God is made sure; it is in sharing that we encourage and raise hope giving assurance of victory and it is in sharing our conversion story that we participate in the great commission to go out into the world and make disciples of all nations (Matthew 28:19-20). Our story becomes the
story of the Gospel! By so doing we can stand confident to know we have borne fruit that last and our labor and love in the Lord is not in vain. Our challenge to you today is: GO OUT and TELL YOUR CONVERSION STORY. If you don’t have the story of conversion, ask the Lord to reveal himself to you in salvation.
Happy Sunday