Rev. Canon. Rebecca Nyegenye

As I mentioned last Sunday one of the images that describe the sinfulness of Israel was “hot oven.” In the first seven verses this is repeated 3 times signifying how serious it was and therefore requires our attention. This imagery means that their adulterous and idolatrous lust was inflamed as an oven of a baker. They were likened to a baker who does not have to worry about the cake but sleeps all night only to go and receive the cake. The people of Israel did not care about God
because their hearts were inflamed by sin and caused others to sin.

They devoured their leaders like the fire of the oven devours the fuel. In the midst of trouble they never consulted God. Their lust was inwardly cherished and eventually spread out. They drunk and tempted others in drinking designing their own ruin. They continuously lived in sin. They devoured their judges and kings who stood in their way of sin.

Kings drunk and lost their royal dignity and integrity, they associated with everybody and indulged in all ill behavior. Drunkenness goes with sin.

    • Senses are dulled to the extent that adultery/fornication becomes so easy with anyone, at anytime and anywhere.
    • Lack of clear decisions – beer masters a person hence the saying “ he made the decision under the influence of alcohol”
    • Wine gives false security – one steps in a ditch and goes to sleep in a trench thinking they have arrived home.
    • Loss of integrity – filthy language, bad company, careless spending, abandonment of families etc.
    • Illnesses develop and eventually kill an individual completely, health challenges are very evident yet surprisingly even some doctors have been mastered by beer. Sin is so strong that only the blood of Jesus can deal with it.

The oven in their hearts which stirred up evil and during Hosea’s reign they killed four kings. Israel had no fear of God hence, no wisdom to live together as a community.

This resulted in greater consequences for Israel because God was closed out of their business. Chapter 7:1, they missed the opportunity of God being their healer. Let us test our lives to find out what has heated us so much that it is affecting others and stopping them to live right with God as true followers of Jesus Christ. In Christ we can receive complete healing. May God bless you .

The Very Rev. Canon Dr. Rebecca Nyegenye