On 16th February, 1977, Archbishop Janani Luwum was murdered at Nakasero, by then president of Uganda, Idi  Amin, following a period of great tension and ugly showdown with Amin and the regime. While the church was preparing to bury him at Namirembe, soldiers secretly transported his desecrated body to Mucwini (his ancestral home and birth[…]

I salute you in the precious name of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. Today, we focus on Noah’s family, drawing lessons from his life and the implications for God’s intervention or remedy. To get the right perspective, it is important that one reads the preceding chapter. In 6:6 the Bible records that, “The LORD was grieved[…]

I salute you brothers and sisters in Christ. We thank the Lord for carrying us this far in January. On 1st January 2017, Rt. Rev. Dr. H. Mutebi launched our new year’s theme, when he started us on a high note. He spoke passionately about the family, highlighting its central place in building the nation. I did[…]

Good morning Saints. I trust that with the Lord being in charge of our lives, we have had great week, as we try to figure out what the Lord is saying to us, at the start of the year. This Sunday, we will concern ourselves with establishing a godly family. I am sure some of us are already[…]

Good Morning Saint, and Happy New Year! Welcome aboard 2017! We thank the Lord for ushering us into this new year; and I have no doubt that our Father in heaven, has wonderful plans for us in 2017, and that there are things in our individual lives, families, church and nation that He would like to accomplish,[…]


Beloved of the Lord, Merry Christmas! We bless the Name of the Lord, for bringing us this far in 2016. As I write to you, I am mindful of the fact that many of us in this country have been through all kinds of challenges and set-backs, both at the family and individual level, and[…]

It is a great joy to see all of you this evangelism Sunday, of the All Saints Cathedral. I trust you had a great week, and are we are most grateful to God for the far He’s brought this month. My heart goes out to all parishioners who for one reason or other may be[…]

This season is one for sacrificial giving. We cannot express our gratitude in words for every contribution you have made towards our new Cathedral. Keep praying and prepare a choice offertory as God guides you. We also invite you parishioners to make many different groups as Gideons. Gideons are individuals or groups of people who[…]

The Cathedral sadly lost one of its luminaries, Mzee Prof.Alexander M. Odonga, Mrs. Janet Odonga’s dear husband of sixty six (66) years and father of her eight surviving children. The Cathedral expressed its deepest sympathies at the funeral service here and was represented at the funeral. We fondly remember him as one of the first Africans to worship[…]


It is surprising, and sometimes puzzling to Church leaders, that the New Testament nowhere provides a definitive description of the Church. Rather, the Bible speaks profusely on the nature and mission of the Church but always in models and illustrations, never in straightforward definitions. The clearest understanding can be gained from three primary images that[…]