The past week has been teeming with ministry planned and unplanned. Sadly there have been five funerals including the funerals of Filda Amito Olobo, Prince Stephen Karamagi one of the royals of Toro, Idah Rubabinda a retired school teacher of note, our dear Rev. Can. Fred Komunda also lost his mother, on Friday we lost[…]

ALABASTER LADIES CONFERENCE 2016 THEME: ENJOYING WOMANHOOD, PROVERBS 31 The Alabaster Ladies Conference, the name alabaster is derived from the expensive Alabaster jar that Mary bought for Jesus and poured the perfume over his head Mark 14:3, the disciples though it a waste, but Mary brought her all in response to God’s love for her.[…]

Greetings to you all in the precious name of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. I am sure you have been blessed in all sorts of ways through our mission, that is ending today. We thank God for His vessels, that were used of Him mightily, the Rt. Rev. Geoffrey Rwubusisi, Mr. Nicholas Kisakye and[…]