Dear Child of God, I greet you in the precious name of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. This Sunday, we will reflect on a hugely important subject within the Christian movement: DELIVERANCE. This is a theme that also runs through the entire length of the Holy Bible. But one might ask, what is deliverance,[…]

Good morning Saints. I trust that you had a fruitful week the storms of this season notwithstanding. This Sunday, we are attempting to make sense of the fact, that when the Lord calls us into a relationship, He desires that we align our lives to His will, a process that requires a radical mind shift,[…]

Today’s topic attempts to demonstrate what the believers’ response to God’s commands ought to be. In Luke 17:1-4, Jesus teaches about forgiveness and the place for rebuke in God’s Kingdom. In 7:4, our Lord emphasizes, that if a brother sins against you seven times a day, and seven times comes back to you and asks[…]

Good morning Saints. I hope that you had a good week; because this week that had apparently been a fruitful week in many ways, at least for me, ended on a very sad note, with Prof. Muhwezi, our parishioner, losing his dear wife, Sarlome Kyatuheire Muhwezi, in a road accident. Only last year, their son[…]

Today is Pentecost Sunday, but why is this day so important? Even among the nicest of folks, disagreements eventually spring up. That’s why Apostle John took various opportunities throughout his book to illustrate the perfect agreement that exists between all the persons of the Trinity. The Trinity describes God’s existence as being in three persons (Matthew 3:16, 17; Mark[…]

Good morning Saint. I hope that you had a fruitful week, having chosen to go by the guidance of the Holy Spirit, for it is Him that leads our steps, when we entrust our lives to Him. When one reads the Passion account of our Lord Jesus Christ, it becomes clear, that by the time of his[…]

Good morning Saint. I just want to appreciate that you made time today to end the week in God’s presence, because as the saying goes, “Church is Monday to Saturday, Sunday is garage time” , something that fits in very well with today’s theme. So you are certainly welcome to this special Sunday (Palm Sunday), which ushers[…]

Good morning Saint, I trust that you had a great week and so we praise the Lord! Over to our theme of the day; when an individual respond to God’s invitation to receive salvation, it marks the start of a very unique phase in our Christian walk. This decision to embrace Christ as Savior of one’s life triggers[…]

When the Lord commands us to love and to exercise mercy, He is not asking for too much, because He has already demonstrated to us what it means to love, and even to love our enemies (Rom.5:8). Mercy or compassion is one of the ingredients of an authentic religion. We read in Micah 6:8, “He has shown you,[…]

It is the desire of God for the family to blossom. The call to repentance therefore comes in a context of God grooming marriages and the family to walk in God’s ways. The Bible commands repentance. It is turning towards God by turning away from your ways. In (Ezek.14:6) the Prophet calls people to turn from their idols and[…]