Living at the altar (Roman 12:1)

Today marks the beginning of the Alabaster Conference. This is a time where women offer themselves to the Lord for who they are seeking mercy and acceptance despite the brokenness in both the physical and spiritual. The topic “living at the altar” refers to a constant dedication of the living as opposed to what was[…]

The celebration of the Mission Week comes to the climax with the great story of Women as the pioneer Evangelists and Missionaries. What started as a mustard seed 2000 years ago is a great story of men and women in Mission. Women have thrived in the midst of oppression, intimidation, suppression, humiliation and tears to[…]

As I mentioned last Sunday one of the images that describe the sinfulness of Israel was “hot oven.” In the first seven verses this is repeated 3 times signifying how serious it was and therefore requires our attention. This imagery means that their adulterous and idolatrous lust was inflamed as an oven of a baker.[…]

The message of Hosea depicts a merciful God intentionally loving a sinful nation. God demonstrated his love by asking Hosea to love an adulterous wife. The children of Israel had abandoned God for idolatry which caused God to pronounce judgment against them. However his judgment was interwoven with mercy. Wealth and prosperity lured Israel into[…]

Referring to John 21:18-19, the Church historians state that Peter was stretched out by his hands, he was dressed in prison garb, he was taken where no one wanted to go (a crucifixion), and was crucified. He was said to be crucified upside down because he felt unworthy to be crucified in the way that[…]

Follow Me (John 21:19)

This week reminds us about the East African revival which began after the discovery that missionary Christianity had no serious effects of transformation upon the believers. There was quantity not quality. I do hope that during this week we are going to experience revival, affirmations and declarations that Jesus is truly our Lord and savior.[…]

Daniel 1:4 defines the qualities of the young men that the king wanted to have. They were youth without blemish, good in appearance, skillful in all wisdom, endowed with knowledge, understanding and learning. They were to be given good food for three years before being presented to the king. Daniel understood that true knowledge does[…]

Dr. Bob Jones said, “ Do right till the stars fall, do right till the last call, do right though no one stands with you, do right when you are alone, do right though it is never known, do right since you love the Lord. Do right, do right, do right.” This statement summarizes what[…]

Ascension day happened 40 days after the resurrection. In Acts 1:10-11, Jesus’ Disciples gazed into heaven as Jesus ascended into the sky. The angels promised that just as they saw Him go, in the same way He will return. As we celebrate the ascension, key issues are very clear to us: • Jesus will come[…]

The purpose of the entire gospel of John is that the readers “may believe that Jesus is the Christ, the son of God and by believing you may have life” (20:31). John 10:10 lays emphasis that those who believe in Jesus can find safety and protection, plenty and satisfaction in their souls. Christ is the[…]