Follow Me (John 21:19)

This week reminds us about the East African revival which began after the discovery that missionary Christianity had no serious effects of transformation upon the believers. There was quantity not quality. I do hope that during this week we are going to experience revival, affirmations and declarations that Jesus is truly our Lord and savior.[…]

Daniel 1:4 defines the qualities of the young men that the king wanted to have. They were youth without blemish, good in appearance, skillful in all wisdom, endowed with knowledge, understanding and learning. They were to be given good food for three years before being presented to the king. Daniel understood that true knowledge does[…]

Dr. Bob Jones said, “ Do right till the stars fall, do right till the last call, do right though no one stands with you, do right when you are alone, do right though it is never known, do right since you love the Lord. Do right, do right, do right.” This statement summarizes what[…]

Ascension day happened 40 days after the resurrection. In Acts 1:10-11, Jesus’ Disciples gazed into heaven as Jesus ascended into the sky. The angels promised that just as they saw Him go, in the same way He will return. As we celebrate the ascension, key issues are very clear to us: • Jesus will come[…]

The purpose of the entire gospel of John is that the readers “may believe that Jesus is the Christ, the son of God and by believing you may have life” (20:31). John 10:10 lays emphasis that those who believe in Jesus can find safety and protection, plenty and satisfaction in their souls. Christ is the[…]

When God called the children of Israel from slavery to the Promised Land, he expected them to appreciate and maintain a father son relationship. Consequences started coming when they consistently became disobedient and rebelled against God. In Isaiah 1:2, God complained “I reared the children and brought them up, but they have rebelled against me…”.[…]

John Calvin said that “our heart is an idol factory”. Despite the presence of a savior in the midst of us, idols still manifest easily and take long to go. Idolatry is the most common sin in scripture that caused pain and suffering among the Israelites. Idolatry raises itself against the will of God and[…]

Easter greetings in the name of the risen Lord. In Colossians 3:1-4, Paul reminds the community of faith about their place in the resurrected Lord. Jesus is the resurrection and the life and so we have to set our hearts on him alone because he is the starting and end point of our existence. Hiding[…]

The triumphal entry into Jerusalem was and is a celebrated event in all Christian churches across the world. The challenge is whether the celebrants understand the significance or not. Many Jews celebrated this day as Jesus entered Jerusalem but with the misunderstanding of his kingship. The message of Zach. 9:13 which is also reflected in[…]

The question most frequently asked is how do we keep our integrity in such a corrupted society? Paul was addressing a corrupted society (Titus 1:10-12) that desparately needed God. For Paul, to get a wife out of such a society, one needed to have a godly mentor who is older and that is why he[…]