Easter greetings in the name of the risen Lord. In Colossians 3:1-4, Paul reminds the community of faith about their place in the resurrected Lord. Jesus is the resurrection and the life and so we have to set our hearts on him alone because he is the starting and end point of our existence. Hiding[…]

The triumphal entry into Jerusalem was and is a celebrated event in all Christian churches across the world. The challenge is whether the celebrants understand the significance or not. Many Jews celebrated this day as Jesus entered Jerusalem but with the misunderstanding of his kingship. The message of Zach. 9:13 which is also reflected in[…]

The question most frequently asked is how do we keep our integrity in such a corrupted society? Paul was addressing a corrupted society (Titus 1:10-12) that desparately needed God. For Paul, to get a wife out of such a society, one needed to have a godly mentor who is older and that is why he[…]

This is our second Sunday in lent and the Lord is calling us to move from our various thrones and fall at the feet of Jesus as we sing together this great song “we fall down, we lay our crowns, at the feet of Jesus. The greatness of his mercy and love, at the feet[…]

In lent we come before the Lord not as a routine but with a sense of developing a lifestyle that will glorify God forever. Lent is a season of transformation. I do hope that all of us are meditatively thinking about our individual return policies (Joel 2:12-13). Today we reflect on Jesus’ sermon on the[…]

As we prepare for the lent season that begins on Wednesday 6th March 2019, let us embrace the return policy as a direct command from the Lord. Return is one of the most popular words used by the prophets when people had sinned as a call to repentance. “In Hebrew, this verb means ‘to arrive[…]

Many of us have a background of resistance which if not broken we can never inherit everlasting life or be zealous for Christ. Stephen made this very clear to the Sanhedrin “you stiff necked people! Your hearts and ears are still uncircumcised.” Circumcision was a great heritage of the Jews yet it created resistance for[…]

Greetings to you all in the mighty name of our Lord and savior Jesus Christ. We thank God for the 40 days of prayer and fasting which we believe has broken barriers in both the physical and spiritual realm and opened new gates of  life and prosperity in our lives and the city. I do[…]

You probably know that this might be my last contribution on this very important page. Allow me to use this space to thank all my faithful readers of the things I have been sharing with you on this page for the last four years. I was often encouraged with the feedback that some of you[…]

Good morning Saints. I trust you have had a great week, where you have kept in touch with your LORD during this prayer Month at the Cathedral. For those hurting for whatever reason, I pray that the Holy Spirit will minister healing where it hurts most, and that you will cultivate the discipline of encouraging[…]