Home Cell Guide (20th November 2016)

Greetings in the Name of our Lord and Saviour. Following a Series of Sermons for November 2016 under the Theme ‘The Word’, Revd. Hillary Jaffu preached on Sunday 13th November 2016 on the Subject Theme ‘The Writing of the Bible’ based on the Biblical references drawn from John 20:30-31 and 2 Peter 1:16-21 respectively. The[…]

Home Cell Guide (13th November 2016)

Praise God brethren! The overall Theme identified for the Sunday Sermons for Month of November 2016 is the ‘The Word’. Our very own Rev. Canon Erisa Grace Sentongo shared on the sub Theme “The Authority of the Word” extracted from Isaiah 55:10-13 & Matthew 8:8-10 respectively. His teaching Sermon provided specific overview of the understanding,[…]

HOME CELL GUIDE (6th November 2016)

The entire Month of October 2016, 4 Preachers dwelt with the major Theme of the ‘Ministry of Reconciliation’ – out of which different sub Themes were covered to include: Breaking the Wall of Hostility, Reconciled for Nation Building, Reconciled to wholeness and Ambassadors of Reconciliation. Concluding the Preaching Sessions for the Month, Mr. Praff Philip[…]

HOME CELL GUIDE (30th October 2016)

Praise the Lord! Mrs. Patricia Laaki ministered to the 3 Congregations and focused on the Topic ‘Christ the Chief Reconciler’ and drawing reference from Isaiah 53: 1-7. The Preacher clearly pointed out that Christ was and continues to be a Restorer of broken relationships with and to God. Christ was crushed for our sins [V.5(b)],[…]


We are continuing with the topic of Reconciliation, this time under the theme ‘Reconciled to Wholeness’. Canon Diana Nkesiga, in her sermon on Sunday 16 Oct, laid emphasis on the issue of Health and Wholeness. The discussion on wholeness should help us to appreciate the importance of having an integrated ministry that addresses the whole[…]

HOME CELL GUIDE – 16th October 2016

Praise God! On Independence Day, Mr. Peter Asiimwe the preacher of the day, shared on the theme ’Reconciled for Nation Building’. In celebrating Uganda’s 54th Independence Day, we must be a nation that is reconciled and not a nation living in hostility, anger, Disconnection, and disagreement, as show cased in our country today. To Reconcile[…]


Praise the Lord! The Month of September is dedicated to the theme ‘Mankind’. You and I are pertinent Stakeholders to this and we thank God for being partners with Him- Amen. The Reverend Canon Dr. John Senyonyi exposed the Theme ‘‘Created in the Image of God’’ and based his sermon on Genesis 1:26-28. He pointed[…]

Home Cell Guide_4th September 2016

THE PURPOSE DRIVEN CHURCH Purpose is a reason of being. Nature is the design of the being. The purpose of a cow depends on who is looking at it while its nature looks at the way it is created and it behaves. There are different ‘natures’ of a Church but the same purpose if they are[…]

Home Cell Guide _ 28th August 2016

Growth and organization of the Church Last Sunday we reflected on growth of the Church. From the day of Pentecost the Church grew! (Acts 2) the Lord poured out the Holy Spirit and 3,000 people accepted the Lord Jesus Christ. In Acts 2:37 “What shall we do to be saved”? This means that the growth[…]

THE MARKS OF A TRUE CHURCH The Church can be traced from the O.T where God continuously declares the people/congregation of Israel as His people. In so many instances, God expresses “I’ll be your God and you’ll be my people,” (Exod.6:7; 19:5), The church is therefore the total people of God spread through all the[…]