Praise God Brethren! Last Sunday Revd. Irene – Priest in Charge of Prayer and Intercessions and the Family Life Ministry at ASCK exposed the sub Theme “Be as Humble as a Child’’ drawing Biblical references from Matt:18:1-5 & James 1:1-10 concurrently. She emphasized the essence of training up/directing a child as pronounced in Proverbs 22:6 and promoted[…]

Praise God Brethren! Continuing with the Cathedral August Theme of ‘Family Economy’ the Rev. Hillary Jaffu the Priest in Charge of Social Services & Initiations at ASCK exposed a sub Theme “Do not serve two Masters” deriving biblical references from 1Corinth 10:14-21 and Luke 16:10-13) concurrently. When God saves and delivers you, he wants you for Himself, Revd[…]

‘The silver is mine, and the gold is mine, declares the LORD Almighty’. [Haggai 2:8]. May the Name of the Lord be praised! Following the August Month Theme i.e. Family Economy, Prof. Sam Tulya Muhika shared on the sub Topic “Remember the Lord who gives you wealth” and drawing biblical references from Duet. 8:11-18 & Luke 12:13-21[…]

Praise God Brethren! Last Sunday was Children’s Sunday and we were blessed to have Mrs. Betty Mirembe Mugabe a Children’s Teacher & Staff of ASCK share on the Theme:“Raising Children in the Christian Faith” and drawing biblical references from Duet: 6:1-9 and Mark 10:13-16. The preacher first and foremost pointed out that every adult in the African context[…]

Greetings in the Name of our Lord and Saviour. The Revd. Paul Ssembiro [Team Leader for AEE] shared on Theme: “Seeking the Lord for the healing of our Land.” And drawing Biblical reference from 2 Chron. 7:11-20 and Matt. 28:16-20 concurrently. On the same Sunday the Christian Women Fellowship (CWF) also commemorated Mary Magdalene’s Day and enrolled new[…]

Praise God’ Brethren! Last Sunday we were blessed to have Mrs. Beatrice Langariti preach on the Topic:”Nurturing Spiritual Gifts in the Family” and drawing Biblical references from 1Corinth 12:7- 11 & Luke 11:5-13. The Sermon entirely focused on discovering our spiritual gifts and how to use them to glorify God. The Preacher pointed out that there are many[…]

Following the July Theme on ‘Family Spirituality’, Dr.Kedrace Turyagenda shared on the Topic “Growing Together as Husband and Wife” and drawing her references from Ephesians 4:2-3 & John 8:31-38. She highlighted that a Family/ Marriage Bond is God’s doing and it was part of His Original Divine Plan for Mankind (Gen 2:18-24). The Preacher entirely focused on four[…]

May the Name of the Lord be praised: Amen. On 2nd July 2017, our very own and Priest in Charge of the Children’s Ministry Rev. Capt. Florence Aliganyinra preached to the 3 congregations on the Theme “Promoting the Fear of God in a Family” drawing biblical references from Deut. 6:4-9 & Acts 10:1-8 respectively. At the onset,[…]

As All Saints’ Cathedral – Nakasero, we were blessed to host the Rt. Revd. Johnson Twinomujuni, the Diocesan Bishop for West Ankole as Preacher on 25th June 2017 in all the three (3) Services. On the same day, the Fathers’ Union celebrated St. Peters’ Day. His Sermon was based on the Theme ‘The Reward of Service’ and[…]

Praise God Brethren! Rev. Irene Akankwasa – a Priest in Charge of Prayer and Intercessions shared on the Theme “Counting the Cost of Service” and drawing biblical references of Dan 6:10-28 and Matt 16:24-28. Her sermon focused on four vital (4) aspects namely: Serving God as an assignment on Earth and what is required of us •[…]