Shalom Brethren! The previous Sunday in line with the February theme; “I will build my Church”, we shared on a topic: “The Calling and Mission of the Church” [2 Timothy 4:1-8 & Matthew 28:16- 20]. The Great Commission signifies that Church isn’t supposed to live randomly, there ought to be a purporse for its existence.[…]

Praise the Lord Brethren! The previous Sunday in line with the February theme; “I will build my Church”, we shared on a topic: What is the Church [Deuteronomy 4:1-10, Matthew 16:13-20]. Defining what Church is namely; a) A community of all true believers for all time [seasons]. A community of believers refers to a Christian[…]

Because there was little or no knowledge of who He was in His ministry. Jesus struggled with the Pharisees and Sadducees who were custodians of the law who asked for minor things forgetting the major things of the kingdom. Secondly they were a political party ready to live with any government that never interfered with[…]

Brethren Shalom!!! Last Sunday we shared on the topic: There’s hope for the righteous Isaiah 40:27-31, Matthew 11:28-30. As you approach the Lord, there’s need for you to have faith and know that there’s hope for you, your family, career, business among others; The Lord took up our infirmities and carried our sorrows, you only[…]

Friends welcome to the year of our Lord 2020, this is a year of Double Restoration. I believe 2019 was such a year of Fruitfulness. As we ended 2019, we shared on two words i.e. EBENEZER AND WORSHIP. We would like to thank God for each one of you and for having opened your homes,[…]

A Blessed 2020 Brethren! In His Christmas message, The Most Rev. Stanley Ntagali on the topic: TO US A CHILD IS BORN from Isaiah 9:1-6 and John 1:1-17. Christmas should always reminds us of God’s love to the dark world; revealing His eternal love to humanity. A fulfillment of the ancient prophesy by prophet Isaiah[…]

Brethren Merry Christmas and a Blessed 2020! The Lord has done great things was our topic last Sunday from Psalm 126:1-6 and John 6:1-14. We thank God for He has been faithful and all we can say is Ebenezer thus far He lord has brought us. No matter the circumstances we have gone through we[…]


Shalom, Last Sunday our topic was Prepare the Way, Isaiah 40:1-5 and Mark 1:1-8. Through these words God was speaking comfort to Jerusalem, her warfare, pain has come to an end of a painful situation, and her iniquity is pardoned. God had declared double forgiveness [transformation and healing] in totality. What is Christmas to you?[…]

Praise God Brethren! Last Sunday our topic was Rejoice Together Isaiah 51:1-3 and Luke 1:39-50. We rejoice together because the Lord has done so much in our midst and we come together to rejoice as a family of All Saints’ Cathedral. You are encouraged to start a fellowship or cell group at work or belong[…]

Home Cell (Sunday 27th October 2019)

Christian greetings friends, Last Sunday our topic was Growing Together Hebrews 10:19-25 and Luke 8:14-15. As ASCK parishioners, do you belong to a Cell, or a fellowship? How then can we grow together as a church if we don’t belong to any of these? The following should be put into consideration as we grow together[…]