Praise God Brethren! Last Sunday our topic was Rejoice Together Isaiah 51:1-3 and Luke 1:39-50. We rejoice together because the Lord has done so much in our midst and we come together to rejoice as a family of All Saints’ Cathedral. You are encouraged to start a fellowship or cell group at work or belong[…]

Home Cell (Sunday 27th October 2019)

Christian greetings friends, Last Sunday our topic was Growing Together Hebrews 10:19-25 and Luke 8:14-15. As ASCK parishioners, do you belong to a Cell, or a fellowship? How then can we grow together as a church if we don’t belong to any of these? The following should be put into consideration as we grow together[…]

Christian greetings! Our topic last week was Remember the First Love (Rev 2:1-7, Matt. 22:34-40). The bottom line of all this has to do with the priority of your relationship with God. Where is God in your Life? God knows our deeds/ works, hard work and perseverance and no wickedness, preaching right doctrine. Jesus first[…]

Home Cell Guide (Sunday 15th September)

Praise God Brethren! Last Sunday our topic was; Repent and Rest in Your Salvation from Psalms 15:1-5. Our greatest desire should be to dwell in the house of the Lord. David poses a pertinent question of who is fit to dwell in the presence of God. Looking at the situation in our nation, murders, quarreling[…]

Praise the Lord friends, our topic last Sunday was God Cares [1Kings 17:1-7 and Matthew.13:14-22]. This is a God who takes us to a higher ground, upholds us, shield us, our fortress, our Rock, our Light, our Guide, our heart’s desire, our Provider, our Promise keeper and our Healer, our Creator, our Giver of life[…]

Praise the Lord Friends, Last Sunday we continued with a topic Giving as Mission, and a sub-topic: “I will open for you the windows of heaven” [Mal 3:10]. In God’s word, everything is possible. There are no regulators that limit the overflow in our lives. The idea of windows of heaven opening also refers to[…]

Praise God brethren! Last Sunday we shared on Understanding the Tithe drawn from Deut 12:5-6, Matt. 6:1-4 and Mal 3:6-12. The tithe was an offering in the Old testament of one’s agricultural income to the Lord as an expression of thanks and dedication (Lev. 27:30-34), It is holy and set apart as belonging to God.[…]

Praise the Lord! Last week, our Provost the Ven. Rev. Canon Dr. Rebecca Nyegenye was the main expositor at the Alabaster Ladies Conference held at the Cathedral under the Theme: “Living at the Altar” (Rom 12:1-2). She stated that, living at the altar is a self-presentation/ a language of worship that requires constant dedication and[…]

Praise the Lord! Last Sunday Mr. Dan Magumba preached on the topic: Giving as Mission from 2 Cor. 9:1-10 and Mark 12:41-44. Dan. defined Giving as to put something into the possession of someone else, to offer to somebody, to donate, to bestow something to somebody and also referred to Mission as a task/job /an[…]

Praise God Brethren! Last week The Rt. Rev. Nathan Ahimbisibwe of South Ankole Diocese as the Chief Missioner of the Mission Week preached on the topic: Come let us return to the Lord drawing Biblical references from Hosea 6:1-3 and Luke 10:13-16. God was using Hosea’s marriage to Gomer [the prostitute], to illustrate on how[…]