Walking in the Fear of the Lord

Text: Acts 9:23-31. The Church walking in the fear of the Lord and in the comfort of the Holy Spirit, multiplied (V 31) for only one reason; that the Apostles had accepted and reconciled with Paul through the testimony of Barnabas. And through this new relationship, St Paul was saved twice from death by the Christians since he[…]

In all things seek Jesus Christ

Text: Colossians 1:15-23. Jesus Christ is our all in all; both in Heaven and on Earth from creation into eternity. He is the image of God Almighty and reconciles all things together (V 20) including all of us who were ‘alienated and hostile to God’s ways doing all sorts of evil deeds’. What lesson or lessons do you[…]

Bury the hatchet

Text: John 21:4-19. Today’s reading has two lessons for us. The first is about Peter and the other disciples going back to fishing and catching no fish, but because the Lord said so, they cast their net and catch a lot of fish. Then Jesus prepares a roasted fish breakfast for them! The second lesson is a reconciliatory[…]

Live at Peace with all People

Text: Romans 12:9-21. Reconciliation is love for the ‘unlovable’ – those who persecute you, those who are weeping out of persecution, – paying no evil for evil. Love genuinely and do not think of yourself as wiser, but instead feed your enemies and give them drink if they are thirsty. Yes, acts of mercy and as far as[…]

Commit yourself Sacrificially

Text: Romans 5:6-21. We were enemies of God because we had become ungodly and yet in that state, Jesus still died for us and reconciled us back to God. (V 10) Jesus died as one person so that many including you and I may be saved from the wrath of God. What lesson do you learn from this reading?[…]

Text: Genesis 45:4-15. Like we saw yesterday, we see today Joseph revealing himself to his very brothers who had years earlier sold him as a slave but who were now embracing, kissing, and weeping with him – shedding tears of joy! Notice how Joseph explains that what his brothers did was not their fault because it was[…]

Text: Genesis 33:4-20. Esau and his twin brother Jacob had separated on a very bad note due to betrayal, hatred, and suspicion. However, in today’s reading we see the two brothers embracing, kissing, and weeping over each other. Notice that Jacob, who got the blessings, calls Esau his lord! And also note that Esau offers to help[…]

Being ambassadors of Christ

Text: 2 Corinthians 5:11-21. Today’s reading is a powerful message about reconciliation initiated by God through Jesus Christ who died so that we may live in eternal life. However, the ministry of reconciliation was entrusted to the followers of Jesus Christ who are led by His love and, therefore, must act as Ambassadors to bring people back to[…]

No difference in Christ

Text: Acts 21:27-39. During Paul’s time, nationalistic, religious and cultural animosities were high; Israelites versus the Gentiles, the circumcised against the uncircumcised, the Jews against the foreigners or aliens, and many such like Paul survived death on a flimsy charge that he was a foreigner (V 39). And yet in Christ Jesus there is no difference whatsoever. (See Galatians[…]

Live by the Spirit of God

Text: Romans 8:7-17. At Baptism you were commanded as a soldier of Christ to bravely resist sin, the flesh and the world because if you are controlled by these things you cannot please God. (V 8) As we saw yesterday, the Spirit of God dwells in us and as a result we belong to Christ and sin cannot prevail over[…]