Text: Mark 4: 1-41 The five parables in this passage are about how we hear the Gospel (vv. 1-34). When Jesus says twice in this passage “he who has ears to hear, let him hear,” He is calling for more than mental reception. He is calling for active heeding,  for penetration leading to transformation. To[…]

Text: Mark 3: 1-35 Today’s passage begins a second parallel theme, answering the question: is everyone who receives a miraculous physical healing in God’s family? What about the many who crowd around Jesus? As Mark shows in this chapter the answer to all these questions is ‘no.’ Note how Jesus looked at those who did[…]

Text: Mark 2:1 -28 In the first seventeen verses of this passage, Mark demonstrates to us two major themes. In the story of the paralytic and the calling of Levi, Mark points out that the greatest need in one’s life is spiritual and the only place where one will find help is in Jesus Christ.[…]

Text: Mark 1: 21-45 These verses begin the long list of miracles which Mark’s gospel contains. The casting out of demons in Capernaum and the healing stories are intended to teach us more about Jesus than about the miracles. We learn, in the first place, from these verses, that it is useless to have a[…]

Text: Mark 1: 1-20 The Gospel according to St. Mark opens by telling us that the beginning of the good news about Jesus Christ, the Son of God, requires repentance. The first words of both John the Baptist (v. 4) and Jesus Christ make that demand very clear (v. 15). By quoting Isaiah 40:3 and[…]

Text: Matthew 8:1 –34 Jesus continued to do miraculous things through touching, word and casting out demons. He briefly also refers to the cost of being a disciple. In one of the cases a centurion specific in his request states that “…but only speak a word, and my servant will be healed” (v.8, NKJV). Do[…]

Text: Matthew 7:1-29 Jesus continues in one of his longest sermons and addresses the issue of self-examination rather than focusing on others. He addresses many of us who point fingers at others as hypocrites! He then instead encourages that you bear fruit that is recognisable and lasting. Forget not that prophecy, acts of miracles, driving[…]

Text: Matthew 4:1-25 Jesus was interestingly led by the Spirit into the wilderness. Here he faced temptation from the devil. Make no mistake my friend, “a wilderness does not mean that you are not with the Spirit or that you are out of the will of God”. No. It could be a season. After Jesus[…]

Text: Matthew 3:1-17 Jesus Christ’s ministry never began with a bang! No. His ministry began with a herald. John the Baptist was a voice in the desert crying out that all should prepare the way for the Lord. Before the second coming all of us are commended to be like John. Be busy warning the[…]

Text: Matthew 2:1-23 Today there are so many people who masquerade as wise men; foretellers, false prophets, sorcerers, witch doctors, quark doctors etc. It should be appreciated that some of these people acknowledge the power of the wisest; their Creator and Lord Jesus Christ. The Bible approaches wisdom differently, that is, knowledge of God. One[…]