Text: Judges 6:1-10 After Deborah led Israel, the nation went back to idolatry and was oppressed for 7 years. So, the people cried out to Yahweh for deliverance. God answered by explaining why He brought suffering to them: Yahweh is their Saviour, but the people forgot Him and served other gods, which are not really[…]

Text: Judges 2:16-23 The new generation did not see the work of Yahweh, so they did not believe. As a result they worshipped false gods. Yahweh sent them judges that people could see, military champions, whom God would use to bring deliverance from enemies of Israel. When the people saw what God would do, they[…]

Text: Judges 2:1-15 When Joshua and his generation died, the next generation turned away from worshipping and serving the only true God, Yahweh, their deliverer, the One who covenanted with Abraham. The reason is stated in v.10: the next generation “did not know Yahweh or the work that He had done for Israel.” This has[…]

Text: Judges 1:27-36 It is stated or implied eight times, in to-day’s passage, that a tribe of Israel did not drive out the enemy completely. They may have been enslaved, but God had originally commanded that the enemies be destroyed (Num.33:52). As a result, God was displeased, and the remaining enemies and their religions and[…]

When Joshua dies, the nation asked the Lord (Yahweh) who should lead. By asking this question, the nation has acknowledged that Yahweh is their leader. Asking for His guidance is a sign of good spiritual health. Judah is chosen by God, Judah then calls on the tribe of Simeon to join the battle, and they[…]

Text: Mark 9: 1-50 In this passage, Jesus indicates that the life of discipleship looks forward to sharing in the glory of the Kingdom of God. While on the mountain top, the three disciples were able to witness the radiance of the glory (vv.3-7). However, upon descent from the mount of Transfiguration, the disciples failed[…]

Text: Mark: 8:1-38 This passage initiates a major shift in Mark’s gospel. The word ‘Christ’ has not appeared since the Gospel’s opening verses. So, in this passage Jesus discloses more and more about His identity and describes what it means to be a disciple. He indicates that there are two sides to discipleship: the cross-bearing,[…]

Text: Mark 7: 1-37 In this passage, we encounter Jesus debating with the Pharisees over what defiles a person before God. The Pharisees were basing their knowledge on the “tradition of elders” (v.3); “many other traditions” (v4); and “the traditions of men” (v. 8). So, the passage clearly points out that the religion of the[…]

Text: Mark 6: 1-56 The context of the passage as Mark presents it to us is the opposition shown to Jesus and also the expectation that His disciples would find that some of the hearers would refuse to hear their message (vv. 3-6, 11). However, Mark’s emphasis in the same passage is that Jesus still[…]

As we study this chapter, we encounter several miracles Jesus performed as He ministered in various places around Capernaum. We see Him casting out demons, healing a dreadful disease, and raising a young girl from the dead. In all these miracles, Mark reminds us that we must realise we need Jesus. We must see ourselves[…]