Text: Psalm 107: 1-43 You may have trouble and be in distress but the Lord promises to deliver you (vv. 4-6). He did it in the past and He continues to do it today and in the future. Let us be wise and observe the wonders of God (v. 43). Acknowledge that you have sinned[…]

Text: Psalm 106:1-48 This is yet another long Psalm, while in Psalm 105, we saw God’s goodness to His children, Israelites, in this Psalm we see the history and the accounts of rebellion and Israel’s provocation of God. Nevertheless the Psalm begins and ends in praising the Lord. Despite the rebellious spirit in the children[…]

Text: Psalm 105:1-45 This is a long Psalm of praise to God for what He has done especially for His children, the Israelites. It is also important to note that this Psalm does not mention any of the weaknesses and failures of God’s children, Israel. The Psalm mentions God’s faithfulness through His power and loving[…]

Text: Psalm 103:1-22 While in Psalm 102 we see the Psalmist lament over his personal needs and those of his nation, in Psalm 103, King David is pouring out his gratitude to God for the blessings upon him as a person and on the people he was leading. We see David praising God for personal[…]

Psalm 102:1-28 This is a Psalm of somebody in distress, some people think that this Psalm was written during the time of David’s son (Absalom) rebellion, others think that may be Daniel, Nehemiah or any other prophet could have written it during the period of captivity in Babylon. However, according to verses 25-26 and Heb.[…]

Text: Psalm 101:1-8 This Psalm was written by David as a solemn vow to the Lord when he was put in charge of the family and the kingdom. It is a Psalm modeling excellent leadership and governance. One can also say that it is a head of family’s Psalm. The Psalm shows how the leader[…]

Text: Psalm 100:1-5 This is a Psalm that is frequently sung in many churches. In this Psalm we are invited to praise God and honour Him (vv. 1, 2, 4). We give reasons why we should praise Him (v. 3), we are also told of His grace and truth (v.5). God’s mercy is from everlasting[…]

Text: Psalm 99:1-9 We must praise the Lord because of His holiness (vv.3, 5, 9). In this Psalm three things are mentioned about God’s holiness; God is above all things, He is set apart and separated from His creatures for He is the Creator and He judges all things (vv.1-3). Also the holiness of God[…]

Text: Psalms 98:1-9 The “…right hand and His holy arm…” are symbols of power (v.1, NKJV). Let us shout joyfully as we cheer and greet our King, the King of kings, the Lord Jesus Christ (v.4). We can “…Break forth in song…”, meaning that we can generate praise that cannot be contained only from a[…]

Text: Psalm 96: 1-13 This Psalm was sung during the moving of the Ark. It further looks into the coming of Christ’s kingdom. The Psalm celebrates the glory and accessibility of Christ’s Kingdom by the Gentiles. God’s “…wonders among all peoples” (v.3, NKJV) is the salvation work through Jesus Christ. To praise God genuinely, your[…]