Text: 2 Kings 17:1-41 The nation of Israel was created by God. About 1300 years before Israel was destroyed, Yahweh made a covenant with Abraham. Through him a nation would be created, physical and spiritual, and through this nation would come the Saviour. God delivered them from Egypt by great power and miracles, brought them[…]

Text: 2 Kings 16:1-20 Two kings were coming against Ahaz, King of Judah. What Judah should have done was to seek Yahweh for deliverance. Nothing is impossible for the Lord. However, Ahaz was not a man who loved or trusted Yahweh; so, he sent a message to Assyria asking for their help. The Assyrians were[…]

Text: 2 Kings 15:1-38 In this Chapter, we read about five more evil Kings of Israel (they all were) and two good Kings of Judah. The Kings of Israel continued the policy of idolatry. Eventually Yahweh brought the powerful Assyrians to initiate the process of ending the northern Kingdom of Israel (v.29) . The two[…]

Text: 2 Kings 14:1-29 King Amaziah was a good king, according to Yahweh’s testimony (v.3). When the King’s authority was fully established, he led Judah in battle against Edom (the descendants of Esau). Judah was victorious, even in capturing the strong city of Sela. These victories made King Amaziah feel proud, and so he challenged[…]

Text: 2 Kings 13:1-25 In today’s passage we see again another wicked king coming to power, King Jehoahaz. Like all kings of Israel, he caused his people to follow after his own idolatry. Therefore, Yahweh brought the nation of Syria/Aram against Israel to oppress them. When Jehoahaz prayed for deliverance, God had mercy and sent[…]

Text: 2 Kings 12:1-21 During the rule of Athaliah worship of Yahweh had fallen away. When King Jehoash was enthroned, there was a move towards restoring proper worship. The main purpose for our salvation is the worship of God, to glorify Him in all things. Wicked rulers have no such concerns. It appears that even[…]

Text: 2 Kings 11:1-21 Athaliah, daughter of Israel’s King Ahab, saw an opportunity to become the monarch of Judah. She murdered all the royal family and took control. It is interesting to note that, even though she was the daughter of Israel’s king, she was married to the son of a king of Judah. This[…]

Text: 2 Kings 10:1-36 Jehu completely carried out the command of God to destroy Ahab’s family. However, he went beyond that and destroyed the extended families of Ahaziah, which was not commanded. Jehu did destroy the worshippers of the false god Baal, but he did not end the worship of the golden calves that were[…]

Text: 2 Kings 9:1-37 King Omri (King of Israel), his son Ahab and Ahab’s two sons (Ahaziah and Jehoram), all lived and reigned wickedly. So, Yahweh determined to bring that family, and their dynasty, to an end. He chose General Jehu to do the work. God’s Kingdom will be established in righteousness, and He will[…]

Text: 2 Kings 8:1-29 The Syrian King was sick, so he sent his servant, Hazael, to Prophet Elisha to ask if the King would recover. Elisha said the King would get better from the illness; but Elisha also knew it that Hazael would murder the King, then take the throne of Syria, and terrorize Israel.[…]