Text: Ezekiel 8:1-18 “and the Spirit lifted me up between earth and heaven and brought me in visions of God to Jerusalem, to the entrance of the gateway of the inner court that faces north, where was the seat of the image of jealousy, which provokes to jealousy”, (verse 3, ESV). The Church of our[…]

Text: Ezekiel 7:1-27 “Disaster comes upon disaster; rumor follows rumor. They seek a vision from the prophet, while the law perishes from the priest and counsel from the elders”, (verse 26, ESV). The human mind is strange, a weird thing. It goes through phases of temporary madness, where for a brief moment we convince ourselves[…]

Text: Ezekiel 6:1-14 “And they shall know that I am the LORD. I have not said in vain that I would do this evil to them” (verse 10, ESV). I cannot prophecy or predict what the consequences will be for your sin or my sin. I only know that when we offend our loving Heavenly[…]

Text: Jeremiah 22: 11-30 Josiah was a godly King; however, his sons were evil and never followed in the footsteps of their father. They all lost the Kingship and were taken captive to foreign lands. Jehoiachin, like his brother Jehoahaz, did evil in the eyes of the Lord (vv.18- 19). He wickedly taxed people (2[…]

Text: Jeremiah 22:1-10 The Lord through Prophet Jeremiah tells the Kings of Judah to repent and do justice to the people. That would be the beginning of rebuilding the nation (v.3). It called for turning from evil and do right. To live right is to live in obedience to God as guided by the Holy[…]

Text: Jeremiah 21:1-14 Jeremiah had prophesied of the destruction of Jerusalem (vv. 1-14). The people did not take him seriously. However, in the heat of war against Babylon, King Zedekiah sought help from God, without acknowledging and repenting of his sins (v.2). In unexpected response, Jeremiah told him of serious impending defeat and destruction by[…]

Text: Jeremiah 20:7-18 Jeremiah called and commissioned by God; his ministry was not popular. He cried out in anguish and sometimes with praise (vv7-18). He got moments of depression especially at times when he was clamped in painful stocks and wished to curse the day he was born (v.14). At some point he questioned the[…]

Text: Jeremiah 19: 1-15 God through Prophet Jeremiah continues to warn people of impending catastrophe because of their rebellion. Jeremiah called and gathered both elders and chiefs from the church and state to witness the symbolism of the coming danger (v.1). He took these leaders to a place called Ben Hinnom or Tophet. This is[…]

Text: Jeremiah 20:1-6 Pashhur whose name means either “lease” or “deliverance” was the Chief Governor, meaning he was chief official in charge of the Temple Police; but not high priest. Because of his evil acts, God changed his name from Pashhur to “Magor Missabib” meaning “Terror on every side” (v.3). He terrorised Prophet Jeremiah by[…]

Text: Jeremiah 18:18-23 The people are planning to persecute Prophet Jeremiah because he had challenged the social and moral behavior of everyone, including the King, Officials of the State, the Prophets, the Priests, the Wise and the Teachers (4:9, 8:8, 9). Instead of obeying him, the people chose to silence him. Their false prophets told[…]