Text: Mark 14:12-31 As they prepared for the occasion, two disciples (Peter and John) are chosen to go into the city to prepare for the Passover meal (vv. 13-15). Sending two disciples was the normal practice for the sacrificial offerings; only two people would be allowed to accompany a lamb for sacrifice. At the eating[…]

Text: Mark 14:1-11 This was the period for the preparation for the Passover Feast. The feast was to commemorate the ancient historical event in which the angel of death passed over the homes of Israelites in Egypt. To be commemorated together with this was the Feast of Unleavened Bread, symbolizing the exodus of Israelites from[…]

Text: Mark 14: 32-52 As Jesus comes to a point of fulfilling His mission – to die for the sins of many, the situation became unbearable for Him (v. 34). At some point He felt God could offer an alternative plan to save mankind (v. 36). The “cup” He meant was the cup of divine[…]

Text: Mark 13:24-37 Jesus describes to His disciples the chaos that will occur on His second coming. The sun will be darkened, meaning that as the universe begins to fall apart the sun will go black. The moon will stop giving light. The stars of heaven will fall, meaning that the heavenly bodies will begin[…]

Text: Mark 12:1-12 As we continue to study this chapter; we are comforted with the Parable of the Wicked Husbandmen. The planter of the vineyard is God; the vineyard is the nation of Israel; the vinedressers are religious leaders of Israel; the servants are the prophets, who stayed faithful to God; the son is Jesus[…]

Text: Mark 11:15-33 When Jesus Christ arrived at the temple in the early morning of the second day, He entered it. As was often the case, big business was going on, especially so during the Passover week. Money changers had big business going on as people changed their monies into temple currency, the only one[…]

Text: Mark 11:1-14 The long journey has now brought Jesus Christ, and the huge crowd he was leading, to the outskirts of Jerusalem. The great annual feast of the Passover that drew many people from all the “corners of the (then known) earth”, to Jerusalem was about to begin. It would take a whole week[…]

Text: Mark 10:46-52 The healing of Bartimaeus was the second healing of blind men, as recorded in Mark (8:22-26). In the land of Palestine, blindness was always thought of as a curse from God for a sin or sins committed (John 9:2), this perception Jesus Christ vehemently countered (John 9:3). The healing of Bartimaeus happened[…]

Text: Mark 10:28-45 Peter said that all of them, the twelve disciples, had left all and followed Jesus Christ (v. 28). In the immediate past, Jesus Christ had asked the rich young ruler to leave all and follow Him. So, Peter wanted to know their reward. Jesus said they will receive a hundredfold of what[…]

Text: Mark 10:13-27 Jesus Christ was always accused of spending time with wrong people; tax collectors, sinners and this time, children (v. 13). However, Jesus told His disciples that the Kingdom of God belonged to people whose attitude is like that of children; no self-sufficiency, but total dependency on God. And for moral self-righteousness, to[…]