Text: Isaiah 54:1-17 At the time of Isaiah, for a woman not to have a child was a source of disgrace and great shame. In this excerpt, Israel is being compared to an unproductive woman (v.1), but God promises to change the situation, and purge their grief (vv. 6-8). God is calling you to repent[…]

Text: Isaiah 53: 1-12 It is difficult for one to believe that God could choose a humble person rather than a mighty king to save the world (v. 1). For the Messiah to allow Himself suffer and face humiliation despite His strength is quite a mystery. It contradicts the world view of things as God’s[…]

Text: Isaiah 52:1-15 The Lord is calling on Jerusalem to wake up and clothe herself in beautiful garments (vv. 1-2). This symbolises God’s holiness. When God’s children had been redeemed (v.6) messengers spread the goodness of God’s redemption to the neighborhood of Jerusalem (v.7) to the glory of God’s Name. It is a great privilege[…]

Text: Isaiah 51:1-23 The Lord points to Abraham’s faithfulness, he was called one but because of his faithfulness to the Lord, God blessed and increased him. You may be one, or few but still have faith and trust God, you will be amazed, the Lord will increase you and multiply you. Do not be afraid[…]

Text: Isaiah 50:1-11 In this chapter, God is promising His children that He would deliver them. This is after He has cautioned them that they are in trouble for the mischief they have caused to themselves (vv. 1-2). They trusted in other countries and things for help other than their Creator. They had rejected their[…]

Isaiah 49:1-26 In this chapter we see the prophecy calling the whole world as he addresses the “…Coast lands… people from afar…” to know that the Messiah will be a human being from a virgin birth (cf 7:14), Luke 1:30-33) and will be categorised as an individual rather than personified group, for example, the nation[…]

Text: Isaiah 48:1-22 In this chapter we see God revealing the sins being committed by His children (vv. 1-8), especially their worship in hypocrisy, lacking true righteousness (vv.1-2). God assures His children that He would rescue them for His own sake and not by their own merit because of their treacherous deeds (vv. 9-11). In[…]

Text: Psalm 119:1-72 This Psalm is both the longest Psalm and longest chapter. It is arranged in an acrostic, where each letter or stanza begins with a letter of the Hebrew alphabet in order, mainly to assist memorising the Scripture as people passed on the Word orally because there were no personal Bibles. Up to[…]

Text: Psalm 118:1-29 This is a thanksgiving Psalm and as we saw in the previous chapter, it was sung at the Passover as people came nearer to the temple “…in the name of the LORD!…” (v.26).The Psalm is divided into three segments; the first one is as people moved nearer to the temple (v.1-18). Here,[…]

Text: Psalm 117: 1-2 This is a special Psalm with three unique features: it is the shortest Psalm in the Bible, it is the shortest chapter and it is the middle chapter of the Bible. It is a promise Psalm calling all peoples to praise God (v. 1). The Psalm uniquely calls on all Gentiles[…]