Text: Isaiah 64:1-12 When the people heard of God’s upcoming judgement, they were so disturbed. They called upon the name of the Lord in repentance (vv. 8-12). With sin, one cannot approach God (v. 6) (Rom. 3:23). Our own best efforts are still covered with sin, the Bible is calling those efforts filthy rags (Isaiah[…]

Text: Isaiah 63:1-19 In this chapter Isaiah is not referring to history of events but he is speaking the Word of the Lord as it came to him. This explains why someone who had been talking about salvation and restoration of Jerusalem all of a sudden goes to a situation of devastation in this chapter.[…]

Text: Isaiah 62:1-12 The prophet Isaiah is here now announcing the restoration of Jerusalem. That the people will no longer be termed as forsaken and the land termed as desolate, which are negative and degrading terms. Instead the people will now be called Hephzibah, meaning “My delight” in her (Israel) and the Land will be[…]

Text: Isaiah 61: 1-11 While uttering these words (vv. 1-2), Jesus Christ applied them to Himself (Luke 4:17-18, 21). Jesus Christ applied the words to Himself because the Spirit of the Lord was upon Him (v. 1), He was sent by God. He was to preach and heal the broken hearted, and deliver those suffering.[…]

Text: Isaiah 60:1-22 In the previous chapter, prophet Isaiah told the people that God will show mercy to those who repent of their sins (59: 17a, 20-21), now he is announcing the restoration of Jerusalem. The restoration of Jerusalem will attract other nations like the Gentiles (v. 3) as they move away from darkness to[…]

Text: Isaiah 59:1-21 Prophet Isaiah is telling the people that God is willing to help them only if they obey (v. 1). The problem is not God but, the sin that people are indulged in. (v. 2). (Rom. 3:23). On top of commiting evils, some were happy to recruit and inflict others with the same[…]

Text: Isaiah 58:1-14 While in the previous chapter, the prophet is concerned with idol worship, in this chapter he is concerned with those who are not worshiping God in truth. True fasting goes with abstaining from evil. People would live in wickedness every day but once a year would hypocritically fast and seek pardon for[…]

Text: Isaiah 57:1-21 Prophet Isaiah is warning the children of Israel of dire consequences because of their continued idolatry (vv. 3-13). However, he promises that whoever will trust in Him shall possess the Land (v. 13b). Some of the people were worshiping Molech (v. 9), which involved Child Sacrifice. Molech was an Ammonite god. We,[…]

Text: Isaiah 56: 1-12 The foreigners to God’s Kingdom who love God and obey His law will also be united to the children of God (Israel) (vv. 6-7). Jesus Christ said “…My house shall be called a house of prayer for all nations”, verse 7, NKJV. This means that the house will be for prayer[…]

Text: Isaiah 55: 1-13 In this chapter we see an urgent call to come, listen and seek the Lord (vv. 1-2, 6). It is important to note that being thirsty is not a challenge but only an opportunity to fellowship with God. We must seek the Lord while we can still find Him and call[…]