Text: Joshua 15:1-63 In this chapter we read of the territory being given to the tribe of Judah. Again, we read about Caleb. As he is taking his God-given land, he comes upon the city of Kiriath-sepher. At that place he makes an offer to his soldiers: to any man who captures the city, he[…]

Text: Joshua 14:1-15 Caleb was one of the 12 men who entered Canaan to spy the land. He and Joshua trusted in Yahweh’s promise to give the land to Israel. Now, 45 years later, he requests from Joshua a certain territory be allotted to him, a land occupied by large people and strong cities, the[…]

Text: Joshua 12:1-24 Chapter 12 is a review of the victories already won by Israel, always by the grace and power of God. Verses 1-6 recall the victories gained under the leadership of Moses against the kings on the east side of River Jordan, and the rest of the chapter lists the victories under Joshua.[…]

Text: Joshua 11:1-23 When the armies of northern Canaan come together against Israel, they were as many as the sands of the seashore, and with great weapons (v4). But Yahweh tells Joshua not to be afraid, because He (God) would give them victory. All battles belong to Yahweh (1 Samuel 17:47). It often appears that[…]

Text: Joshua 10:1-43 Five kings merge their armies to fight against Gibeon, because Gibeon surrendered to Israel. Israel is obligated to protect Gibeon because of the Covenant made in chapter 9. Yahweh promised to give the victory to Israel (v8). But it still must have been a difficult battle, because Joshua prayed to Yahweh (v12),[…]

Text: Joshua 9:1-27 After Israel conquered Ai, several of the kings in Canaan decided to join their armies for war against Israel. But the Gideonites understood that they were going to be destroyed, so they made a different plan. They would attempt to make Israel believe that Gibeon was a place far beyond Canaan. Israel[…]

Text: Joshua 8:1-35 Once the issue about Achan’s theft at Jericho was addressed, Israel was then ready to resume the war against the inhabitants of Canaan. Though Joshua might have been worried of another defeat, Yahweh encouraged him not to be afraid because God had already given the victory into his hands (v.1) In our[…]

Text: Joshua 7:1-26 Israel’s next battle is against the city of Ai, located several kilometers North West of Jericho. Joshua does not know about Achan’s sin (taking treasure from Jericho), so Joshua makes plans for the next battle. Even though Achan was the only one who broke Yahweh’s command, God says the entire nation transgressed[…]

Text: Joshua 6:1-27 The whole point of this battle against the city of Jericho is to show that everything is from God. The odd strategy of walking around the city, of trumpets, of silence and then shouting, all of it was to show that the victory is from Yahweh. It is true that the army[…]

Text: Jude Jude was encouraging the Jewish Christians and indeed all of us that we must contend earnestly for the faith (v.3). At his time false preachers were misleading many from hearing the true gospel. To contend earnestly for the faith is a call to sound doctrine (Eph 4:14; Col 3:16; 1Peter 2:2), discernment in[…]