Text: Daniel 11:1-45 The Lord now allows Daniel to see the previous visions again, but in greater detail (vv.2b 4). After the Persians rule this region for a while, Greece will rise up very fast and raise up a kingdom, which will be the new environment for God’s people to develop and grow in. It[…]

Text: Daniel 10: 1-21 This is Spiritual warfare (vv.1, 13) . Daniel is in serious prayer and fasting for three weeks and this is likely during the Passover season. He is very upset about the events during this time; but with this being the third year of Cyrus’ reign, he should be extremely happy. Why?[…]

Text: Daniel 9:1-27 This was corporate confession of sin (vv.18-19). Daniel had experienced so much pain and suffering as an exile. The people that God had chosen for Himself were absolutely covered in shame. No other Temple on earth had known or experienced the Shekinah Glory of Yahweh’s presence. No other people had been called[…]

Text: Daniel 8:1-27 This is the perspective of what Daniel is developing in his soul through these amazing visions (v.13). He as a Jewish exile would naturally be focused on enduring and surviving the seventy years in Babylon. And this would be with the hope in mind of returning to his sacred home. But these[…]

Text: Daniel 7:1-28 Daniel is terrified by a vision of four kingdoms which are soon to come (vv.9a-12). Some are violent, and one, “a little horn”, seems to be disrespectful and arrogant. Is this the real future for God’s people? What a sad reality when it seems that the present king’s family had come to[…]

Text: Daniel 6:1-28 What? A government official who cannot be corrupted? You must be joking! Yet, here we have one single strong Prophet of God who stood up to pressure and was faithful in all things (vv.4-5) . By this time, Daniel had probably been a respected public servant for 50 years, yet in all[…]

Text: Daniel 5:1-31 Very often the lessons of the father are not passed on to his sons. Yet when God reveals His truth then there is the requirement of honoring and following Him. To know the truth holds you accountable to it! A generation or more passes and the lessons of Nebuchadnezzar are lost. His[…]

Text: Daniel 4:1-37 In two fantastic miraculous events, Nebuchadnezzar had seen the power of God. Even now, as Daniel hears of this second dream, the King is fully aware that the One true God governs the kingdoms of this earth. Yet knowledge of the true God is never enough. You might observe His power, but[…]

Text: Daniel 3:1-30 Knowing the future is never enough for those who are addicted to power. They will always try to control the flow of events so as to guarantee their own power in the future. The dream that Daniel interpreted did not convince the king to trust in God’s control of events. He wanted[…]

Text: Daniel 2:1-49 The thing that the king asks is difficult, and no one can reveal it to the king except the gods, whose dwelling is not with flesh” (verse 3). The Kingdom of God is coming! But it may not come in the way that you would like it to. The King is under[…]