Text: Psalm 93:1-5 To say that the “Lord reigns”, means that our God is great and majestic (v.1a), His rule is everlasting (vv.1b-4) and His ways cannot be changed or bent (v.5). The Psalm established the honour of God among His creation. Our God is not only clothed with majesty, He is also armed with[…]

Text: Psalm 92:1-15 In this psalm we see that God is merciful in salvation, great in His creation, administers justice in His actions and faithful to His obedient children. We must praise the Lord for He fights our battles. At a time when the wicked spring up like grass and workers of iniquity flourish, do[…]

Text: Psalm 91:1-16 In this Psalm we see God’s sovereignty protecting His people in this turmoil filled environment we operate in. This Psalm could have been recited at the time the army would be matching to battle. As a believer be sure that nothing harmful can happen to you unless the Lord has allowed it.[…]

Text: Joshua 24:1-33 This is the chapter where we read of Joshua’s death. Just before he dies, he has strong words to say to the people; Yahweh chose them, delivered them, sustained them, and gave them the land of promise. Everything about who they are is because of God’s grace. Now Joshua challenges them. Will[…]

Text: Joshua 23:1-16 Joshua is about to die, so he calls the nation together to give them his final words. He begins by reminding them to be faithful in removing the pagan nations from within their territory (chapter 16). He warns them not to associate with the pagans, not to marry with them, and not[…]

Text: Joshua 22:1-34 In Numbers 32 the tribes of Reuben, Gad, and half ( 1⁄2) tribe of Manasseh are given territory on the east side of River Jordan. But first they must fight for the other Israelites. They have done that, and now they are going home. Before they cross the river, they build a[…]

Text: Joshua 21:1-45 In Joshua 13 we read that the Levites inherited no territory in the Promised Land. So where do they have homes? Yahweh gave them 48 cities, 6 of the cities are the “cities of refuge” (chapter 20). A bit of history: In Genesis 32, the brothers Simeon and Levi murdered all the[…]

Text: Joshua 20:1-9 (cf. Num.35:9) In those ancient days, if someone was killed, a person from the dead person’s family could kill the murderer, even if the death was an accident. Cain feared that (Gen.4:15). Obviously, those kinds of killings could go back and forth forever. God put an end to that horrible, foolish custom[…]

Text: Joshua 17-19 (three chapters) Most people reading these three chapters would be very bored, just a list of boundary lines and who gets which territory. It’s almost like reading a genealogy, just one name after another. But this is real history. If you were an Israelite, these chapters would be exciting. Here is where[…]

Text: Joshua 16:1-10 The people of Israel were to destroy all the nations, cities, and people dwelling in Canaan. However, that was not done all at once, and it was not always because of their sin. God had reasons for having some enemies remain. Israel was not yet large enough to occupy the entire land[…]