Acts 25:1- 26:1-32. The Lord Jesus Christ is using the civil governments to accomplish His plan and purpose in bringing Paul to the city of Rome (23:11). We should remember that Jesus is Lord over all things – He is the Creator and Sustainer of all things. In fact, Paul says that the civil governments[…]

Text: Acts 24:1-27. The meditation for today is similar to yesterday’s – persevering in difficult circumstances. Paul was imprisoned and examined in court (vv. 24-27). But he does not compromise his beliefs, as if that would set him free. Regardless of what happens to him, he speaks the truth. Notice v. 25, what Paul said[…]

Text: Acts 23:1-35. The apostle Paul is being sent by God to the city of Rome (v.11). It will be a strategic move because from there believers will be properly trained by him, and they can go out to all the known world. Remember the story of Joseph in Egypt. God showed him in a[…]

Text: Acts 22:1-30. In the previous chapter Paul is arrested, and in this chapter Paul gives his testimony to the Jews about his conversion and call (vv. 3-4, 6-7, 21-22). He knew that the Jews would be angry, but he spoke the truth any way. As it was in yesterday’s reading, so there is a[…]

Text: Acts 21:1-40. As Paul travelled to Jerusalem after a mission journey, he stayed in Caesarea for several days. While he was there, a certain prophet said that Paul was going to be arrested in Jerusalem (vv.10-14). The fellow believers grieved over this news and begged him not to go. But Paul was adamant and[…]

Text: Acts 20:1-38. In this passage Paul meets with a Church for worship on the first day of the week, Sunday, the Lord’s Day. Because the Church had an opportunity to hear directly from an apostle, Paul spoke all through the night. A certain man, Eutychus, sitting in an open window, drifted into sleep, and[…]

Text: Acts 19:1-41. This passage is often mis-understood (vv.1-7). So, because it is about the ministry of the Holy Spirit, we should consider it. The “disciples” Paul met in Ephesus were of John the Baptiser, not of Jesus. They heard and believed John’s message of repentance and of preparation for the Messiah, but they did[…]

Text: Acts 18:1-28. The apostle Paul, left Athens and went to the nearby city of Corinth, an important Roman city. He found Aquilla and his wife Priscilla (Jews who became Christians) and stayed with them. They were tent makers, as was Paul, so he was able to work and support himself (vv. 1-5). But when[…]

Text: Acts 17:1-34. When Paul was in Athens, Greece, as usual he taught among Jews and gentiles (vv.22-28). Some of the gentiles brought Paul to the Areopagus, also called Mars’ Hill, a place of teaching and philosophy. He noticed how “religious” they were with all their idols, including an altar “To the unknown god”. Paul[…]

Text: Acts 16:1-40). When the Holy Spirit converts a person, s/he is brought into a covenant relationship with God. But God does not covenant with individuals only. He includes families (vv. 14-15, 30-33). The greatest example of that is found in Gen.17:14. God covenanted with Abraham, gave him the sign of the covenant (circumcision) and[…]