Text: Psalm 73:1-28 Many times you are attempted to admire the wealth of others, even of those who are wicked, for they seem to enjoy life (vv. 1-16). The lives of the wicked may seem to be at ease as they “enjoy” the increase of their wealth (v. 12). However, this changes the moment you[…]

Text: Deuteronomy 34:1-12 Moses led the people of Israel for forty (40) years and his life is now finished (vv.1-5). Because of his sin (Numb.20:10-13) Moses was not permitted to bring the people into the Promised Land. But God is not restricted. He had been preparing Joshua for that task. The people were not sure[…]

Text: Deuteronomy 33:1-29 Moses’ final duty as the prophet of God for the people is to speak words of blessing upon the nation (vv.1-5). Moses begins by reminding the people that Yahweh is their deliverer (v.3a), He gave them His covenant law (v.3b) and thus Yahweh is their King (v.5). He is the One who[…]

Text: Deuteronomy 32:1-52 Very soon Moses will die, and one of the last things he does is write a song and recite it to the people. What we will notice is Yahweh’s new name – The Rock! Moses does not say God is like a rock but God is the Rock. God is fixed, He[…]

Text: Deuteronomy 31:1-30 Moses has been leading the people of Israel for about forty (40) years, and now he is about to die (vv.1-3). But God has chosen the person who will be the leader when Moses is gone, Joshua, son of Nun. He has been Moses’ general since the time of the exodus (Ex.17:10).[…]

Text: Deuteronomy 30:1-29 One of the consequences of continuing in sin is being cast away from God’s fellowship. But when His people realise how far they have gone, Moses encourages them to return to Yahweh, and He will bring them back into His blessed presence. Those who belong to Him have His Word in their[…]

Text: Deuteronomy 29:1-29 The previous generation would not trust God and His promises, they broke the Covenant. Now God is renewing the Covenant with the new generation, those who are about to enter the land of promise. Included in the Covenant are the children, as well as the adults. Then when they cross the River[…]

Text: Deuteronomy 28:1-68 The passage to be read today is quite long, so take a quick look at it. When the Laws of the Covenant are obeyed, God will pour out rich blessings. If the Covenant Laws are broken, God will likewise pour out curses. The first part, the blessings for obedience, are found in[…]

Text: Deuteronomy 27:1-26 Moses now tells the people that they will write the Laws on large stones, written in plaster, to be located in the midst of the territory (vv.1-8). This symbolized the permanence of Yahweh’s Law. Then an altar was set up, upon which were two types of sacrifices. The first was a burnt[…]

Text: Deuteronomy 26:1-19 In the passage for today we read again the importance of obeying God from the heart (v.16). At one level it’s easy to do God’s commands, but you might hate doing them. God wants you to obey Him, to love Him from the heart. A worker does things for the boss because[…]