Text: Luke 3:1-20 John the Baptist went from place to place on both sides of River Jordan preaching to people to repent, receive forgiveness from God and be baptised (v. 3). However, he rebuked some people calling them “Blood of vipers” because they just wanted to be baptised only to escape eternal punishment but not[…]

Text: Luke 2:34-52 It is not implied that by Jesus Christ growing or increasing in wisdom and stature, He, at no one time ceased to be God or separated Himself from the divine attributes so as to become man. The truth is that He took on human nature, as an addition, and not subtraction and[…]

Text: Luke 2:21-33 When Simeon held baby Jesus in his old arms he said; “…this child is destined for the fall and rising of many in Israel…” v.34 (NKJV). The truth is that with Jesus Christ you cannot find a neutral ground; you either reject Him and He becomes a stumbling block or receive Him[…]

Text: Luke 2:1-20 It is amazing that when Jesus Christ was born, He was revealed first to the unexpected, not the leaders of the time! The shepherds in the field, taking care of their sheep (vv.8-12), were first to behold His glory! Bethlehem was not far from Jerusalem so, some of the sheep these shepherds[…]

Text: Luke1:57-80 Earlier on in our studies, we saw the danger of blindly following the dictates of traditions (Matt. 15:1-20). And especially elevating them to the Word of God. In this text, we witness the firm stand of Elizabeth against a horde of traditionists, wanting to name the baby according to their tradition (vv.59- 63).[…]

Text: Luke 1:26-56 It is important to note that when Elizabeth was filled with joy as Mary visited her (v.43), the expression of joy was the praising of the Baby, Jesus, in her womb and not Mary the mother. It was a grand gratitude, on the part of Elizabeth, that the child Mary had in[…]

Text: Luke1:1-25 Zachariah and Elizabeth were both righteous before God; but they had no child as Elizabeth was barren (vv.6-7). Despite this challenge they were very loyal to God. Many think that if you are faithful to God, then everything would be fine with you; this is not necessarily so. Later, in her old age,[…]

Text: Mark 16:9-20 When Jesus Christ resurrected on the first day of the week, He appeared to Mary Magdalene, to two of His followers as they walked from Jerusalem to the country side (v. 12), and to the eleven disciples as they sat at the table (v.14). Please note that verse 16 does not teach[…]

Text: Mark 16:1-8On the first day of the week, women brought spices to anoint the body of Jesus (v.1). This shows that they, like the disciples, did not expect Jesus to resurrect from the dead. They found the stone had been rolled away (v. 3). Note that the stone was rolled away not to let[…]

Text: Mark 15: 29-47 Jesus was crucified outside the City of Jerusalem, near the highway where He was exposed the passersby who would show gestures of contempt and ridicule (v. 29). At noon, darkness, marking a divine judgement covered, the land (v.33) (Isaiah 5:30; 13: 10, 11; Joel 2:1, 2; Amos 5:20; Zeph. 1: 14,[…]