Text: Matthew 14:22-36 Many people recognised Jesus Christ as a great healer and not necessarily what He truly was, the giver of eternal life. They were looking for miracles and not necessarily to receive the miracle worker. Many were looking for physical healing and blessing, food and other physical things and not necessarily spiritual welfare.[…]

Text: Matthew 14:1-21 John the Baptist stood firm and confronted King Herod Antipas for wrong doing. King Herod Antipas had married Herodias, his brother’s wife, wrongly or sinfully. To make matters worse Herodias was a daughter to Aristobulus, another son to Herod the Great. So, marrying her uncle was an act of clear incest, thus[…]

Text: Matthew 13:1-15 Jesus Christ told His disciples, and indeed all of us who comprehend spiritual truth, that salvation is by the grace of God (v.11). It is not for everyone; but for those who God destined from birth to be saved (see also John 6:44). It is not by chance; it is from the[…]

Text: Matthew 12:32-50 Jesus Christ is warning us to be careful with our tongue (v.36). There is nothing like slip of the tongue or a simple joke. This is because every word that we speak is from the heart, a bad fruit will always come from a bad tree (v.33). So, we need to be[…]

Text: Matthew 12:16-31 It is very sad and it disturbed the minds of the Pharisees to say that Jesus Christ was from Satan (v.24) despite the display and proof that He was God, and they knew it. They blasphemed against the Holy Spirit because they were refusing something they knew was from God (John 11:48;[…]

Text: Matthew 12: 1-15 In this text, we read about Pharisees accusing Jesus Christ’s disciples of picking and eating grains on Sabbath and also accusing Jesus Christ Himself of healing on Sabbath (vv.1-13). At the time of Jesus Christ, there were three prominent parties of Judaism, Pharisees, Sadducees and Essences; of these, the Pharisees were[…]

Text: Matthew 11:16-30 As we read earlier in Chapter 9, Jesus Christ chose Capernaum to be the headquarters of His earthly ministry. No where is it recorded that the residents of that town/ city ever mocked or chased Jesus Christ out of that city, as it happened in some other towns, for example, his own[…]

Text: Matthew 13:16-58 Jesus Christ used to teach in parables; it was a common method of teaching Judaism at the time. At first, Jesus Christ used graphic analogies (cf Matt. 5:13) and their meaning was much clearer depending on the context as He taught. Later, He adopted parables to veil the truth from non-believers but[…]

Text: Matthew 11:1-15 At one time, John was very sure that Jesus Christ was the Messiah (Matt. 3:11-13); but in the midst of persecution, somehow he felt that may be he was wrong. He, therefore, sent some of his disciples to enquire from Jesus Christ, if, indeed, Jesus Christ was the Messiah (vv.2-3). Note that[…]

Text: Matthew 10:26-42. The ultimate end of good news is to have peace with God (John 14:27; Rom 8:6); but the immediate process is full of conflict. In some communities, conversion to Christ can bring strained relationships between family members (vv.34-36), persecution, especially from some other faiths, and sometimes martyrdom. Therefore, to follow Christ is[…]