Greetings in our Lord’s name. Notice is hereby given to you, that on the Sunday of 30th April 2017, sitting in Annual General Meeting, the Cathedral Parish shall elect, from her membership, qualified and duly nominated persons to fill positions on the parish Council for the next tenure of service. The following Council positions shall be available[…]

Touch A Heart (TAH)

All Saints Cathedral Kampala youth ministry is running an outreach project, Touch A Heart (TAH), from the current date till the 30th of June 2017. This is an outreach project intended to provide support relief to the families of the South Sudanese Refugees in Uganda. They have been forced to flee from their country because[…]


Written by: Elsie Tumwebaze On the 19th of March 2017, the youth ministry of All Saints’ Cathedral, Kampala will be holding an open day. It is the second of its kind and it is a whole day activity running beginning from 7am throughout all services. All the different fellowships and ministries in the youth ministry[…]


On Wednesday 2nd March 2017 we began what is commonly called Lent. Ash Wednesday marks the beginning of Lent season. Why Ash? Ash signifies fasting, mourning, weeping and wailing for the atonement of our sins. The Jewish religion demanded that when one is fasting he/she puts on sack cloth and ashes all over the body[…]

Dorothy’s Testimony

My name is Dorothy, and i feel so much joy sharing this testimony of how outreach has impacted my life. I began my salvation journey this year in April, but it seemed too hard for me then because i did not have much support from my circle of friends and family. And now for a[…]

By: Dennis Suubi School Outreach!!! Perhaps your asking why school outreach. Well am sure everyone on the outreach team has their testimony. I will tell you mine. When I was a teenager I struggled with identity, asking myself “who am i?”, “what am I good at?”, “what should I improve on?” And many other identity[…]


.:: By: Karamagi Kristen ::.. I started off preparations for this mission with not many expectations but just for the team to bond and grow together spiritually and to be overwhelmed greatly by God while out there spreading the gospel. I am pleased to say that the Lord graciously allowed me meet my expectations and[…]

Differently Enabled!

..:: By: Bonita Mulelengi ::.. Differently enabled! You never truly understand the depth of a word until you experience or have an associated experience of the same. ‘Differently enabled’ are the words printed on the shirts that some of the T-shirts that the children the Uganda School for Spastics were wearing on June 26, 2016[…]

It was another beautiful Sunday but one of a kind! Going for church outdoor, I definitely had mixed feelings and I was not sure what to expect about how the day would turn out but I decided to be a part of the amazing cause.   We visited the Kampala Spastics School formerly the Kampala School of the[…]

Life Twinkles

We visited the Uganda School of Spastics (Formerly known as Kampala School of the Physically Handicapped): A school dedicated to teaching children with special needs. Some had mental incapacitation whereas others struggled with movement and I think there was an issue of nerves. I am trying to be cautious with my language because I learnt[…]