The topic for 18th Sunday this month was repentance following the series where we learnt what sin is and what it is  not. The preacher,  Dr Amanda Mujunga. Taught on this and made us understand that the difference between Christians and pagans is that we have power over sin.  I learnt that repentance is the ability[…]

Theme of the year; Unlocking family potential for divine destiny through prayer Sub theme February; dealing with sin Topic; Effects of sin Mr. Manzi Ayebare shared about the effects of sin on 11th of this month. Following the series these are some of the questions he answered as he preached to the teens. What is[…]

It was with great sorrow that the Cathedral received the sad and heartbreaking news of the passing of our beloved father,  elder, leader, entrepreneur and effective Minister of the Word, Retired Archbishop Dr. Livingstone Mpalanyi Nkoyoyo. On behalf of the Cathedral, its various Ministries and Fellowships, its staff and on behalf of my dear wife,[…]

He really had a big impact on the development of All Saints Cathedral. I was the People’s Warden at the time he came in. 1.He changed the Altar table .The current one is his design. 2.Helped to tile the Cathedral by getting us tiles on credit and we completed payments when the Cathedral was done. 3[…]

Christmas Message from Asst Bishop of Kampala Diocese

I greet you in the name of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. On behalf of the Archbishop (Our Diocesan), I would like to extend our gratitude to the Lord for his mercies upon us all in the year 2017. We extend our warm Christmas wishes to the Diocese and friends of this Diocese. I would like[…]


There is a sense in which God has prompted many parishioners; be it individuals, families or groups to give to His work. Today marks six months since the site was handed over to the Contractor and the physical progress is visible and very exciting. You can now stand on the first gallery formation and look over Kampala[…]

Growth In Children’s Church

It has been a blessing to see God grow us as children Church from one level to another. Children have grown both physically and spiritually. Teachers (children leaders) have done their part preparing their lessons each week. Since the time these children came in till now. Children at all levels have learnt much about God ranging from trusting, obeying[…]

1. When you collide with God permanent changes happen. When God met with Jacob he was permanently “damaged.” Saul collided with Jesus and fell off his donkey never to ride it again. A permanent change occurred. 2. You don’t become rich by loosing what you have. You become rich by adding to what you have. Don’t[…]

PPC @ Lweza 4/10/2017. 1. If you make yourself available God can make you able. 2. Anglicans are bible based from Genesis to Revelation. 3. The church in Corinth had charisma without character 4. Spiritual gifts are given for the common good and not for the promotion of an individual. Details are available in Lweza