Praise the lord, It has been of great honor and asked to be the preacher of the day here at Namugongo, I dont want to embrace the great kigezi region, pray for me as I preach because we trust the lord up to the end- (paka last). My spiritual life was mentored by the church[…]

Text: Acts 15:1-41. The Lord is extending His kingdom beyond the nation of Israel to include persons from other nations. In Acts 15 we read that a question was asked about these gentile converts to Christ: do they need to become Jews (which included circumcision) as part of becoming a Christian? (vv.1-5). It seemed to[…]

Acts 14:1-28. Whenever Paul entered a new city, his habit was to go first to the Jews, meeting with them in a synagogue, the Jewish Sabbath gathering (vv. 1-7). It was right to do so, because the promise of the Messiah came through the Jews, so they should be the first to hear about the[…]

A.C.P Updates (Sunday, 3rd June 2018)

Today is ACP Sunday, Phase 2 works are progressing within the overall schedule. ACP Team wishes to extend their gratitude and blessings for all your contributions. We appeal to you to remain prayerful for the project and to choose to consistently give as you honour God. A. Financial Status: Summary of collections for the month[…]

On Christ the solid Rock I stand; All other ground is sinking sand! The Revd. Canon Christine Shimanya Shared on the Topic Hope that does not disappoint and focusing on Romans 5:5-11 and John 16:12-16 respectively. The Preacher pointed out that Uganda as a Country needs Divine intervention to avert the enormous Vices and Issues[…]

The Anglican Archbishop of South Sudan has led five days of mediated peace talks between the warring parties in South Sudan. The talks reached agreement on three of the 11 demands made by opposition groups, including a recommitment to the cessation of hostilities. Talks on the remaining eight unresolved issues will now continue under the[…]

Text: Acts 13:1-52. In this passage, the most important thing to notice about mission is that it is the work of Christ through His Holy Spirit (John20:22). In v2 it is the Holy Spirit who calls Barnabas and Saul. Of course, the Church is involved, they laid their hands on the men, meaning, the Church[…]

Acts 12:1-25. Herod was a wicked man whom Rome had allowed to be king in Jerusalem (vv.1-5). Herod wanted to please the Jews, so he began to destroy the Christians, beginning with James (the brother of John). Herod then arrested Peter. But during the night the Lord sent an angel to rescue Peter. The prison[…]

Text: Acts 11:1-30. When Peter returns to Jerusalem, he tells the fellow Christians (who used to be religious Jews) about how salvation had come to the gentiles (vv. 15- 18, 22, 25-26). When they heard that the gentiles not only trusted in Jesus, but that their belief was confirmed by Christ’s gift of the Holy[…]

Text: Acts 10:1-48. For many centuries God’s covenant of saving grace was found inside of the nation of Israel. But ever since the resurrection of Christ, salvation has gone outside of ethnic Israel and beyond their borders to be spread over all the earth (vv.9-16). Peter, though a disciple of Jesus, was still thinking like[…]