John Calvin said that “our heart is an idol factory”. Despite the presence of a savior in the midst of us, idols still manifest easily and take long to go. Idolatry is the most common sin in scripture that caused pain and suffering among the Israelites. Idolatry raises itself against the will of God and distracts believers from obeying and worshipping their creator God. Idolatry is an easy option for most of us because it seems to offer easy options, shows us that you can feel me and
touch me unlike your invisible creator.

In Ezekiel 14, the elders had taken their idols into their hearts. Ezekiel 14:2 is very crucial because the idol had taken the place of God, there was intimacy with it, men were in union with idols, idols had room to dwell and abide securely, Sin was deeply rooted yet they pretended to come and inquire of the Lord through the prophet. God alerted the Prophet about these elders because their sin had already caused blockage. Idolatry is a wicked stumbling block to our prayers; we cannot pretend to consult God when our hearts are hidden in idolatry.

Idolatry mocks God, offers lip service, promotes hypocrisy, shows a form of devotion but locates the heart as distant from the truth of his word. An idolater takes time to fellowship with idols, worships them, idols dictate the agenda of the day.
Today there are many things that fight to take over the place of God in our hearts.
There is need to realize that all we have is temporal except that which is of God.
It is his word that gives permanent security. Our jobs, finances, families, material accumulations that we have will all cease and hence they should occupy the second and not first place in our lives. We need them but they should come from the depth of seeking God and be used to glorify God. Let us avoid having our possessions to dictate our agenda, let God decide our destiny.

In Ezekiel 14:8-9, God assures the idolaters of the impending destruction if they persist in evil. The problem is that both the prophets and inquirers had all lost the way of truth. Today many prophets have come up and they have taken up the place of God. They feed on lies and share the same deception with their clients.
Their destruction will surely come.

God is seeking to single out faithful men and women who are genuinely committed and ready to serve his purposes. Is there anything in your life that has occupied the place of God? Ezekiel 14:11 offers an opportunity for those who choose to repent. He will become their God, and they shall be his people. You have a choice to make. May God bless you.

The Very Rev. Canon Dr. Rebecca Nyegenye