Hallelujah, Emmanuel, God with us! We praise God that this special Christmas season celebration can be held in our new Cathedral building, still under construction. The new Sanctuary was roofed this year. Ebenezer!
Phase 3 of the project includes civil works finishes, closures, fittings, equipment installations and furnishing. During this year, we will focus on the Sanctuary interiors and associated building services.
The new ACP Team (4) commissioned on 17 th November 2019 to steer phase 3 o the project comprises of the folowing members: Mrs. Vivian Igundura (Chairperson), Eng. Richard Mugisa (Vice Chair/Technical), Mr Jonathan Mouga (Finance), Mr Michael Niyitegeka (Communications), Mr. Stuart Mugabe (Funds Mobilisation), Lay Canon Alice Turyamureba, Mr. Joel Mbabazi, Arch. Andrew Amara Kaahwa, Mr. Joseph Hirya, Ms. Agatha Nambuya, Mrs. Pamela Tumwebaze and Rev. Hillary Jafffu (ACP Manager/Prayer/Priest in charge).

ACP Team is grateful for all your contributions to the project. We encourage to to continue to: Pray, PArticipate, Provide and (mobilise) Partners for this great work as you honour God.

A) Financial Status:
ACP Summary of collections for January 2020

  Week 1 to 4 (December 2019)Week 1 & 2 (January 2020)
TOTAL COLLECTIONSUgx. 192,052,234; USD $ 4,562Ugx. 64,575,966; USD $ 419
7:30amUgx. 17,555,500; USD $ 201Ugx. 8,510,300; USD $ 4
9:30amUgx. 30,233,400; USD $ 3,539Ugx. 23,254,700; USD $ 400
11:30amUgx. 16,755,810; USD $ 120Ugx. 3,687,400; USD $ 15
3pm (Safe Box)Ugx. 276,400
Safe Box (Other Collections)Ugx. 2,844,000; USD $ 100Ugx. 1,771,000;
ACP Office & Tent CollectionUgx. 75,108,200; USD $ 602Ugx. 4,880,300;
Interest earned Fixed DepositUgx. 49,278,924
15% of general collectionsUgx. 22,472,266

A) Financial Status – Phase II
Phase III, Lot 1 collections so far – UGX 1,129,856,449
Transition Works have commenced with wall In-fills, Wall Plastering, Railings and External works to enable occasional usage of the new sanctuary site. Thereafter, we will procure a Contractor to execute Ceiling Works, Windows and Doors (excluding Lower ground/ Offices) and Floor finishes will follow.

The Provost now requests:
( a) “In-house” professionals within the Cathedral and are knowledgeable in Church Interior designing, renewable energy, audio-visual Industry, security and fire safety Installations to register with the ACP Secretariat so as to be co-opted to support technical team with expert inputs into the next steps of the project;
(b) “In-kind” offers of Cement, Ceramic/Porcelain/Wood tiles, Sand and terrazzo supplies to be used for Common works of wall and floor finishes. Please register the offer with ACP Secretariat for guidance.
C) Funds Mobilisation:
Thanks go to all the regular givers to ACP through: Ongoing Tegula Gideon
commitments, regular Sunday collections, Fellowship and Group contributions, individual and family giving, one-off giving, Diaspora giving, buying of ACP branded Souvenirs .

To contribute to the building of the Cathedral, you can deposit money directly on our Bank Accounts [A/c Name: All Saints Cathedral ACP Fund; 01273550356324 – DFCU; 0341186188 – Barclays; KCB – All Saints Cathedral Kampala [ACP]; A/c No:2290717762] and Mobile Money using the details on the white ACP envelopes.