ACP Team is grateful for all your contributions to the project. Please continue praying and giving to the project as you honour God.
A) Financial Status:

ACP Summary of collections for February & March 2019

 Week 1 - 4 (FEB 2019)Week 1 (March 2019)
TOTAL COLLECTIONSUgx. 127,053,930; US$ 6,137Ugx. 33,593,900; US $ 1,343
7:30amUgx. 16,775,100Ugx. 8,997,200; US $ 130
9:30amUgx. 22,489,500; US$ 6,113Ugx. 9,269,300; US $213
11:30amUgx. 23,248,050; US $ 13Ugx. 7,007,100; US $ 213
3pm (Safe Box)Ugx. 684,100Ugx. 203,500
Midweek (Safe Box)Ugx. 3,288,400Ugx. 605,300
Safe Box (Other Collections)Ugx. 6,133,200Ugx. 350,500
ACP Tent CollectionUgx. 6,966,000Ugx 670,000; US $ 1,000
Office CollectionUgx. 20,889,200; US $ 11Ugx. 3,103,300
Lweza CollectionUgx. 1,010,200
Mobile Money/Direct debitUgx. 1,066,000Ugx. 3,103,300
15% of General CollectionUgx. 24,504,180;

A) Financial Status – Phase II

    • Project cost: UGX 7,123,484,957
    • Less Payments to to date: UGX 3,634,357,692
    • Amount to be paid to Contractor and Consultant: UGX 3,489,127,265
    • Less Cash at hand: UGX 2,732,121,608
    • Amount to raise for Phase 2 works UGX 757,005,657 [US$ 204,596].

B) Technical Status:
We continue to thank God for the progress registered under Phase 2 of the ACP project over the past 3 years. In 2016, we mobilised initial funding to kick-start this phase and re-engaged Consultancy sevices for updating project documentation and subsequent supervision of Works. In 2017, the Contractor was procured and the Sanctuary super structure Works at site resumed up to structural formation of the first gallery and 4th level of bell/prayer tower. Last year 2018 the two galleries were completed while the Bell [and Prayer] Tower reached the top 12 th level as planned. Roofing works also commenced and the lower rood structure was done.
Despite the time-consuming hoisting process, we anticipate that during this month of March 2019, the entire Central Section Roof Structure will be completed and laying of roofing tiles will be in progress. It is expected that the new Cathedral Sanctuary will also be closed and finishes strated along this year 2019. It is intended that phase 2 will be completed this year while finishes and any de-scoped pending works [not afforded under the current contract sum commitment limits] will be re-tendered as appropriate. We encourage you to continue to: Pray, Participate, Provide and [mobilise] Partners for this great work of the Lord.

C) Funds Mobilisation

Thanks go to all the regular givers to ACP through: Ongoing Tegula Gideon commitments, Fellowship and group contributions, individual and family giving, regular Sunday collecions, one-off giving, Diaspora giving, buying of ACP branded Souvenirs – this contributes some funds but more so strengthens our identity. We encourage you to continue to: Pray, Participate, Provide and [mobilise] Partners for this great work of the Lord.

To contribute to the building of the Cathedral, you can deposit money directly on our bank accounts [Ac/ Name: All Saints Cathedral ACP Fund; 01273550356324 – DFCU; 0341186188 – Barclays; KCB – All Saints Cathedral Kampala [ACP]; A/c No:2290717762] and mobile money using the details on the white ACP envelopes.
Below are the steps to follow while paying using mobile money.
Step 1: Dial *165*4*4#
Step 2: Enter Merchant Code: ALLSAINTS
Step 3: Enter Reference: YOUR NAME
Step 4: Enter amount:
Step 5: Enter PIN
You can also contribute through ACP office, Cathedral Accounts office, Tent and the purple bags.